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Renewable-Energy Cooperative Model For India : A Step Towards Energy Democracy

India’s electricity sector has transformed itself  from a vertically integrated, monopolistic,  state dominated,  entity to a restructured, corporatized and market oriented sector.  The structure of the electricity sector has been shaped mainly by the predominant energy sources and the least cost technology option for conversion of the same.  Coal & Hydro were the primary energy Read More

Use of 150 BU/ Year of surplus Electricity in Electric Vehicles can reduce India’s oil import by 40 MT/Yr ( US$ 15.6 Billion/Yr)

Electricity is the energy fueling modern world.   While electricity was used mainly for lights initially, it is now used for powering virtually everything from lights, domestic appliances, industries to communication. Electricity makes possible and integrates the real time networks of communications, finance, and trade that shape the world economy. Electricity may be all-pervasive. But it Read More

175 GW Renewables Target By 2022 : Boon Or Bane

India has embarked on an ambitious target of setting up of 175 GW thru renewable energy sources by 2022.  Considering the current 38 GW of renewable based power plants already installed,  this implies setting up additional 137 GW  which will generate additional  219 Billion KWhr ( @ 1.6 Million KWhr/MW)  by 2022. Whether this additional Read More

Make EV In India

The Prime Minister’s high decibel Make in India campaign to woo investors to manufacture in India is going to complete two years. Launched by the Modi government to improve the perception of the nation as an attractive investment destination in the manufacturing sector, saw several measures being launched. Under the Make in India campaign, 25 Read More

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