The sun central to the existence of the earth as we know it today has been providing us with heat and energy for past millions of years. the enormous effect of the sun has been recognized since prehistoric times and its power harnessed and utilized. The sun has even been considered as a deity and worshipped by many cultures.

Coming back a full circle we have again realized the importance and power of solar energy, which is one of the most renewable sources of energy available. With the fast depletion of the alternative energy sources such as fossil fuels, solar power is one of the most accessible sources of energy available everywhere.

Solartherm is in the process of developing low cost solar thermal technology which is primarily based on, line focusing technology. Large reflective sheets concentrate sunlight into a single line. The heat created there is used to generate steam, which can be used for various applications such as power generation, cooling, heating, desalination etc.

Solartherm has been promoted by a technocrat with 3 decades of utility experience in both public and private sector, Encompassing the entire power project development, design, engineering, operation, and maintenance.